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In the interest of continuity of care we encourage you to see your own family doctor whenever possible. When this is not practical one of the other doctors from the Practice will be pleased to assist you and will have full access to your medical history.

Urgent medical problems are dealt with promptly, and emergencies will always take priority. Please inform the receptionist if you believe that urgent medical treatment may be needed.

At times unavoidable delays may occur and MGP endeavours to minimise these occasions.  You may  choose to ring prior to your appointment time to see whether your doctor is running on time. If your doctor is delayed you are welcome to request to see one of our other doctors.

MGP's doctors will always take the time necessary to deal fully with your medical problems. To minimize inconvenience to other patients please inform the receptionist at the time of booking if you feel that you may require a longer consultation e.g. for counselling, surgical procedures, insurance or other comprehensive medical checks.  Our doctors will also require a longer appointment to complete Centrelink reports, conduct Pap smears and more time will be required if you have complex or multiple minor problems.