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Our Doctors
All MGP doctors are vocationally registers and undergo continuing medical education and quality assurance programs. MGP is teaching Practice for the University of Melbourne and the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP), and regularly participates in ethical medical research studies. The Practice is completely independent from any external corporate influence, and has no financial interest in any of the other service providers within the Centre. All clinical decisions and referrals are governed solely by serving the best interests of the patient.    


Dr Joe Juhasz
Dr Joe Juhasz emigrated to Australia from Hungary at the age of 6. He studied Medicine at Melbourne University and entered General Practice in Lower Templestowe in 1977. Joe has a special interest in Sports Medicine, Orthopaedics, Surgery, Diabetes and Family Counselling. He speaks fluent Hungarian and a smattering of other languages. 
Dr John McLean
Dr John McLean graduated from Melbourne University and Prince Henry's Hospital in 1965, continuing his surgical training there for 4 years. He then spent 3 years in the UK, completing a surgical fellowship at Edinburgh in 1973. John began General Practice in Doncaster in 1977. His interests include Surgery, Diabetes, Cardiology and Preventive Health, and he enjoys golf, walking, photography, carpentry & electronics.
Dr Sumathy Krishnaswamy
Dr Sumathy Krishnaswamy migrated from India 30 years ago after obtaining a postgraduate diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology. Having gained 10 years experience in Psychiatry she has been a General Practitioner for the last 20 years. She has a special interest in Women's Health, particularly Menopause and Antenatal Shared-Care. Her other interests include Asthma, Diabetes, Travel Medicine and Counselling.
Dr Andrew Monk
Dr Andrew Monk graduated from Melbourne University in 1977. He entered General Practice in Kew and Doncaster in 1980 after Residency Royal Melbourne Hospital. He is an AMA Member, and has special interests in Surgical Assisting, Soft-Tissue Surgery and Cosmetic Surgery, as well as General Medicine. His sporting interests include Golf and Horse Racing.
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Dr Bernie Crimmins
Dr Bernie Crimmins graduated from Melbourne University in 1980 and completed his Residency years at St Vincent's Hospital. He began General Practice in 1983, and has completed a Graduate Diploma of Human Nutrition and a Masters Degree in Public Health. Bernie has special interests in Nutrition and Weight Management, and Sports Medicine having been the Hawthron Football Club's Medical Officer for 15 years.
Dr Phil Susman
Dr Phil Susman graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1976. After 2 years' Residency at Box Hill Hospital he completed further studies in the UK in Obstetrics and Anaesthesia, gaining a D.A. He worked at Mount Royal and Larundel Hospitals in Rehabilitation and Psychiatry before entering his 20 years of General Practice in Box Hill. Phil holds a Certificate in Diving Medicine and a Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine. He spent 2 years as a Senior Lecturer at Monash University, and was a board member of the Whitehorse Division of General Practice for 6 years. Phil's clinical interests are in Family Medicine, Gynaecology, Diving Medicine and Paediatrics.
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Dr Eric Gassin
Dr Eric Gassin was born in Mauritius and lived in England for 2 years before emigrating to Australia in 1977. He graduated from Monash University in 1984 and after working in hospitals for 5 years began General Practice in Box Hill in 1989. His interests include Asthma, Paediatrics and Sport Medicine. He speaks fluent French.
Dr Mary Walsh
Dr Mary Walsh graduated from the University of Queensland in 1976.  She completed her RACGP fellowship in Brisbane.  In 1985 she moved to Melbourne after marrying and has since combined general practice with raising four children and developing RACGP and RANZCOG accredited professional development programs in fertility awareness.  She lectures in postgraduate programs in sexual health and fertility awareness at the John Paul II Institute for Marriage and Family in East Melbourne.  Her special interests are in Women's Health, fertility, obstetrics shared care, care of the aging and counselling.  In 2011 she established the Fertility Assessment Clinic at MGP to offer medical advice and assistance in prepartation for pregnancy and assessment and management of sub-fertility from a holistic, natural and restorative approach.
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Dr Eva Youssef
Dr Eva Youssef graduated from Monash University in 1985 and has worked in General Practice in Melbourne and Adelaide where she completed a Diploma of Obstetrics. She has worked in the Doncaster area for 10 years, and has special interests in Women's Health including Obstetric Shared Care and Paediatrics.
Dr Daisy Samuel
Dr Daisy Samuel graduated from Monash University and entered General Practice after having gained experience in Emergency Medicine and General Medicine. Her special interests include Women's Health, Antenatal Care, Paediatrics, Nutrition and Preventive Health.
Dr Lesley Seow
Dr Lesley Seow graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1994, and completed her RACGP Fellowship after joining TRFP in 2000. Lesley enjoys General Practice for its variety and continuity. Her special interests include Women's Health, Geriatrics, Paediatrics and holistic family-centred care.
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Dr Harry Preston
Dr Harry Preston graduated from Monash University in 1966. His extensive experience locally and internationally includes 20 years in obstetrics and gynaecology at Box Hill, Mitcham and St. Georges Hospitals, as well as private practice. Dr. Preston has spent over 35 years in private practice in Doncaster.
Dr Amitabh Ilango
Dr Amitabh Ilango completed his postgraduate training and Fellowship in General Practice in 2003. Since graduation he has worked in public hospitals and general practice. His special interests are in Men's Health, Cardiovascular Medicine, Diabetes and Asthma.
Dr Prashima Ilango
Dr Prashima Ilango completed her postgraduate training and Fellowship in General Practice in 2004. She has gained invaluable experience in the public health system and has been in general practice since 2001. Dr Ilango has a special interests in Women's Health, including antenatal care, paediatrics and psychiatry.
Dr Margaret Harris
Dr Margaret Harris grew up in Manningham and went to Uni at Monash to complete Bachelor degrees in Arts and Science. Subsequently she studied medicine in Queensland and has since returned home to join MGP. Dr Harris' interests include adolescent health and Paediatrics. She enjoys going to movies and play all sports terribly.
Dr Elean To
Dr Elean To will be familiar to many local residents as she not only grew up in Manningham, she has also practiced in the local area since 1994. Since graduating in 1990 she has worked at the Monash Medical Centre and as a GP in Manningham. Dr To's special interests include Women's Health and Mental Health.
Dr Olubunmi Mabo
Dr Olubunmi Mabo graduated in medicine in Nigeria in 1991. In 1996 she moved to the UK where she lived for 12 years and gained broad experience in Psychiatry. Dr Mabo became a member of the Royal College of General Practice and completed a Diploma of the English Faculty of Family Planning and a Certificate in Substance Misuse Psychiatry. She moved to Australia in 2008 and joined MGP to follow her special interests in Mental Health, Family Planning and Geriatrics.
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Dr Rolf Tsui
Dr Rolf Tsui graduated from the University of Adelaide in 2004 with a Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and completed his Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners in 2011. He has interests in all aspects of General Practice Medicine with particular attention to Skin Cancer Medicine and Clinical Teaching. He has returned home to Melbourne after 15 years in Adelaide with his young family to take advantage of "free" baby sitting services and is keen to take up the guitar and revive his long forgotten golfing skills.
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Dr Daisy Joseph
Dr Daisy Joseph ‚Äčhas been working in General Practice since 2005 completing her fellowship in General Practice in 2008.  She has a postgraduate degree in Dermatology from the National Board in India.  Her special interests include Women's Health, Mental Health, Preventative Health and Dermatology.
Dr Wenruo Han
Dr Wenruo Han graduated from China in 1978 and came to Australia in 1987. He is a qualified Urologist trained in China. Dr Han has gradually moved his GP work to this Clinic because it is close to his home. He has a wide range of medical experiences and has special interest in urology, heart disease and emergency medicine. Dr Han speaks fluent Mandarin.
Dr Jackson Lam
Dr Jackson Lam grew up in Doncaster and graduated from Melbourne University in 2009. He spent his residency at Western Hospital, Footscray and Box Hill Hospital. He was awarded Registrar of the Year Award in 2013. His special interests include Paediatrics and Dermatology. He speaks fluent Cantonese.
Dr Lucia Murnane
Dr Lucia Murnane enjoys the depth and breadth of General Practice. In particular she has special interests in general medicine, chronic disease management, counselling, paediatrics, geriatrics, and preventative health. She has done additional training in fertility awareness methods of family planning, and their associated medical applications in assisting with the diagnosis and management of women's health issues. She is a part of MGP's Fertility Assessment Clinic, along with Dr Mary Walsh. The clinic offers medical advice and assistance in preparation for pregnancy, and assessment and management of sub-fertility from a holistic, natural and restorative approach. Medical education and ethics are two concurrent interests.
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Dr Jack Deady
Dr Jack Deady graduated from Cork University, Ireland in 1988 and did some training in Psychiatry and Surgery. A decision to become a Family Physician lead him to the UK where he specialised in General Practice training. Australia is now his home where he ran his own Practice for ten years in the Northern suburbs. He has worked as a Medical officer of Health in charge of Immunisations, Council health and work related issues. He has a special interests in Children and Women's Health including Antenatal shared care.